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The origin of tortellini is surrounded by several legends.

One states that this dish was first created in Castelfranco Emilia (province of Modena). One night during a trip, Lucrezia Borgia checked into an Inn in the small town. The host was captivated by her beauty and couldn't resist the urge to peek into her room through the keyhole. The light inside the bedroom was only made by a few candles and so he could only see her navel. This pure and innocent vision was enough to send him into an ecstasy that inspired him to create the tortellini that night.

For some the shape of tortellini represents the bellybutton of Venus, the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology (Aphrodite in Greek mythology).

As another legend declares, Venus and Jupiter were to meet one evening. After Venus had checked into the inn, she waited for him on the bed. The chef found out, went to her room and peeked through the keyhole, where he saw her lying only partially covered on her back. Overcome at seeing her navel, the chef was so inspired that he created a stuffed pasta resembling the abdominal orifice.

Our Product

  •   A wholesome product made with Enriched 100% Canadian Durum Wheat Semolina and Pasteurized Whole Eggs, filled with either Fresh Ricotta, Romano and Parmiggiano Reggiano cheeses, sauté spinach, parsley and fresh spices OR Canadian AAA Lean Ground Beef and fresh spices.

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