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Lasagna Sheets


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Lasagna, also lasagne, is a form of pasta in sheets and also in a dish, sometimes named Lasagne al forno (meaning "Lasagne in the oven") made with alternate layers of pasta, cheese, and rag¨ (a meat sauce).

The word "lasagna" is derived from the Greek word "lasanon" meaning chamber pot. The word was later borrowed by the Romans as "lasanum" to mean cooking pot. The Italians then used the word to refer to the dish in which what is now known as lasagna. The word lasagna or lasagne (plural) now simply applies to the dish itself. The British generally use the plural "lasagne" to mean both the dish and the pasta while the Americans commonly use the singular "lasagna".

Many recipes call for several kinds of cheese, most often ricotta and parmesan. The classic Lasagne alla Bolognese uses only Parmigiano Reggiano. Many recipes also add bechamel sauce (besciamella).

A variant is Lasagne verde (green lasagne) which is the normal egg pasta with spinach added.

Lasagne was first recorded in the 13th century when it was used in a layered dish. This early version did not include tomatoes, which had not yet been discovered by Europeans.

Our Product

  •  A wholesome product made with Enriched 100% Canadian Durum Wheat Semolina and Pasteurized Whole Eggs.
  •  We offer both fresh and pre-cooked frozen lasagna sheets.

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